Reach the Summit of Google

Anthony Ankers, a Stoke-on-Trent based digital marketer which is remastering ROI. Listed below are the 5 pillars of a great SEO campaign

Keyword Research/Mapping

With everything that happens in the fast-paced world of search engine optimisation, it’s easy to overlook keyword research. Without keywords (search phrases), there would be no SEO. It’s one of the more vital, valuable and high-return activities in the digital marketing sphere. My specialist SEO keyword research sets you ahead of your competitors to ensure you constantly drive traffic to your website and convert clicks into devoted customers.

keyword research

​Site Audit

Today’s digital marketer understands the significance of search engine visibility. However, while search engine optimisation at one level is all about brand awareness and generating traffic, expert marketers are looking at strategies which provide a solid contribution to business Key Performance Indicators. It’s about creating new sales, leads and final results which make an actual difference to your bottom line.

website audit

Technical SEO

Is your website functioning like a well-oiled machine that’s consistently ranking and delivering excellent results, or is it lagging behind and under-performing? The way your website functions on a technical level, also referred to as Technical SEO, is very important to the overall search visibility, and usability, of your website. If you continuously want to rank well, technical SEO needs to be as strong a consideration as on-page optimisation and link building.

technical seo

On-Page SEO

If you would like your website to rank well in search engines, it must be SEO friendly. On-page SEO is all about ensuring your website is SEO friendly and ticks the boxes for both site visitors and search engines. If your site isn’t optimised, then regardless of how much marketing you do, you will find it difficult to rank in search results. I have many years of experience helping all types of companies achieve exceptional rankings on search engines. 

on-page seo

Off-Page SEO

Even though Google uses more than 200 signals in their algorithm for scoring websites, backlinks are still one of the most imperative signals to maximise a site’s visibility. I help build your marketing & content strategy to offer reasons to acquire those links. An effective campaign will construct relationships, enhance referral traffic and brand awareness while strengthening relevancy and passing weight to the website to increase rankings.

off-page seo