Ranking a Web 2.0 for the Term 'SEO Stoke on Trent'

Discover how I climbed to the top of Google within just a few weeks, using a web 2.0. What was the approach? Why did I decide to outrank SEO agencies that owned real websites?

First things first, I made a Google search for 'seo stoke on trent'. I noticed that a web 2.0 was ranking at position 4. I have to be honest and say, this is the first time I've ever noticed a web 2.0 rank for a localised SEO query.


This tells me a couple of things.


First off, the fact that a web 2.0 can rank for 'seo stoke on trent' is an indication that this is a low-level search term with little if any search volume.


Secondly, SEO agencies within Stoke-on-Trent are looking beyond local SEO. Think nationwide at a short-tail level.


I used to rank #1 for this search term and it did result in many new enquiries.


So, lo and behold, I find myself in a position where I rank for this search term once again. This time though, I made it more challenging for myself by using a free website builder. I mean, who doesn't like a challenge every now and then? After all, setting challenges and targets is what makes us better and sets us apart.


So what was the course of action to get this site ranking? Well here is a guide with regards to what I did and ultimately what I can do for your company too.

The Actions I Took to Rank for 'SEO Stoke on Trent'

Step 1: Keyword research for 'seo stoke on trent'.


The very first thing I did was carry out some fundamental (and pretty quick) keyword research.


Here are the results:


Keyword: seo stoke on trent

Volume: 60 (per month)


Keyword: local seo stoke on trent

Volume: 0-10 (per month)


Keyword: seo agency stoke on trent

Volume: 0-10 (per month)


Keyword: seo company stoke

Volume: 0-10 (per month)


Keyword: stoke on trent seo

Volume: 0-10 (per month)


Keyword: stoke on trent seo company

Volume: 0-10 (per month)


Step 2: Setup a simple 5-page website on the free website builder, Jimdo. 


After registering the subdomain name that I wanted, I then performed a website structure mockup. However, before I could mockup my website navigation etc, I needed to be crystal clear on the type of website that I wanted to create. In my case, a personal profile fitted well. My site includes a homepage, about page, what I do, a case study and a contact page.


I wanted to use a web 2.0 since it makes for a great experiment to see how high a free website without any real history or historical backlinks would rank, the results were surprising.


Step 3: Optimise, optimise and also optimise!


As any serious SEO will know, free website builders are limited in most areas of technical and on-page SEO.


Regardless, I had to work with what I had. Optimisation began from heading tag structure, content optimisation, meta title optimisation and solid internal linking to help distribute link equity as evenly as possible.


Step 4: Let's get some backlinks :)


Can a website rank without backlinks? Yes, yes it can. Nevertheless, it's incredibly rare to rank for more competitive search terms without any links pointing to your website. Having said that, it's not out of the question to rank for low-level search terms, such as 'seo stoke on trent' without any links.


I implemented a mixture of white-hat link acquisition methods as well as some dubious link building (for experimental purposes).


The purpose of this website is to test various SEO techniques to discover the effectiveness of different levels of links, and the possibility of ranking a web 2.0 at number 1 for a low-level search term.


It's no secret that backlinks are incredibly important to a website’s SEO success, so I started to source backlinks from extremely high authoritative sites. The dilemma is, where exactly do you find these? It's this very question that will determine how you position yourself in the search engine results.


By analysing where the competition was getting their links from, I was able to replicate them and effectively mirror the benefits they were getting. Thus, flattening their advantage over my site.


This process was carried out over a few days and I was able to find and submit around 50 more backlinks.


The tools I used were Ahrefs and Majestic.


Let me give you some insight, listed below are some domain metrics from the links I have built to this website.


My sample size includes 50 domains, with DR (Domain Rating) ranging from 85 to 96.


I have built a total of 54 EDU links, 12 ac.uk and 8 GOV. These were built to get some authority passing through.

The Indexation and Aftermath

This website features a good amount of content on the homepage and 'what I do' page which explains more about what I offer and what SEO is all about. So, having 2-3 super optimised pages with a reasonable word count has helped increase Google’s trust in this new website.


I personally don't like the style and design of this website, but it will do for the sake of experimenting.

Be Better Than the Competition

Most of the competition for the keyword 'seo company stoke' have been in the game for a long time. So, I would hope for some good competition on my hands. After all, there are some excellent SEO freelancers and agencies that I know personally, wanting to rank for this term.

Are There Any Top Secret SEO Techniques That I Used to Rank This Website?

Of course, but if I told you them, how would I ever get any meaningful work done?


The reality is, SEOs will have their own methods to rank websites. They're not going to tell you every single one of their killer tips or techniques and rightfully so.


This is what sets search engine marketers apart, the ability to outrank other businesses in search, as a result of having the upper hand.